Digitran Hungary Ltd. rejects all forms of corruption and declares zero tolerance for all violations of the provisions of these guidelines. In order to prevent corruption, Digitran in all its activities acts in accordance with the letter, spirit and purpose of the relevant legislation. Accordingly, Digitran:

  • Does not influence anyone's will or objectivity for the purpose of obtaining any benefit or benefit that is not ethical or legal.
  • Will not give, promise or offer, directly or indirectly, anything of value to any person or entity for the purpose of obtaining an undue advantage.
  • Does not allow the payment of bribes.
  • Does not directly or indirectly fund or support a political party or its representative or candidate.
  • Does not donate anything for the purpose of covering up illegal payments with it.
  • Will not solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any undue commission, fee or other benefit from any third party in connection with the Company's investments, sales, acquisitions or financing.
  • Pays particular attention to cases where it comes into contact with natural or legal persons who are suspected of corruption, i.e. lack of integrity. Digitran only does business with qualified and reputable persons.
  • Records all financial transactions accurately, in accordance with reality, in the books of the Company.
  • Trains his employees in regular anti-corruption education.

An employee who has evidence, questions or suspicions of any corruption activity must immediately report it to his or her supervisor at work or to the Anti-Corruption Director. Employees and business partners can also report their questions and suspicions in Digitran's Whistleblowing System :

Digitran will not tolerate any discrimination against anyone who reports in good faith acts that do not comply with this policy. However, employees who act contrary to these anti-corruption guidelines will be sanctioned, which may even result in termination of their employment contract and civil or criminal proceedings. Anti-corruption criminal regulation can have serious criminal consequences for both the employee and the Company.

Digitran reserves the right to take such action as it deems necessary against its business partners that do not comply with this anti-corruption policy.

These anti-corruption guidelines are reviewed regularly, at least once a year, by Digitran's Anti-Corruption Board and published and presented to all employees of the Company.